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The dream...

Everyone has a meal or restaurant that takes them back in time and leaves them reminiscing of their childhood. For our founder, this nostalgic meal was sliders.

Fast forward 15+ years in the food industry and lots of burgers later, our founder sought to make his own sliders that were simple, yet satisfying, and made of the highest quality ingredients sourced locally. The necessary burger qualities included crispy edges, gooey cheese, and the perfect combination of salt and fat served on a soft fresh potato bun, complemented by the crunch of tangy pickles and savory sauce. After some trial and error, lots of taste tests, and a few pounds later, we created just that.

We believe our delicious, crave worthy sliders rival the best burgers in Texas (and we’ve tried a lot). We hope you love them as much as we do!

The dream maker...

Michael grew up in St. Louis with a family of cooks and various hospitality industry professionals. As a child, you could find Michael cooking with his uncles in the kitchen or outside with his grandfather grilling. His love for food and creating amazing meals turned into a career at a young age.

Michael’s first venture in the industry was his own personal chef business, where he focused on healthy meals and proper nutrition. While he saw a lot of success, he realized his creativity was being stifled, and he wanted to be able to cook more adventurous dishes which didn’t really fit the ‘healthy’ mold. From here, he started a boutique catering company in Austin, Texas where he was able to use his creativity and service all types of events and gatherings with his cooking. Over the next several years, he had some major accomplishments. He co-founded Austin’s first Tex-Mex BBQ food trailer and successfully revitalized under performing restaurants around Austin, to name a few. These experiences paved the way for his next venture, his own hospitality consulting business. His focus was on assisting restaurant owners in streamlining their business, optimizing operations, and creating systems for both the front and back of house for a seamless process.

After a few years, Michael was itching to get back in the kitchen and do what he does best. He decided to take his 15 years of experience in the industry and build a business where he could use his knowledge and still create amazing food in the kitchen. He sought out to create the best sliders, one of his favorite foods, and name the company Little Beast Slider Co. Thank you for making this dream a reality and for your support of this small business!

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